Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1H-3H: invitational vs. preemptive? How much does that change your call as the opponent?

In the swiss team game at the Macon sectional with both sides vulnerable, I picked up:

It was 1H-P-3H to me. Your call. I bid 4C. I asked and the opener said 3H was a limit raise. So I thought they probably would bid 4H and then I can bid 4S and give a very good description of this hand. It goes all pass and dummy hits with soome 10 or 11 count and 4 spades to the Q, making 5C or 5S easily. After the hand, the 3H bidder said it was a preemptive bid, and their card agreed. So, I told the director that I would have made a stronger bid had I known rho was showing a weak hand. Making game is much more likely with a preempt instead of a limit raise on my right. So, what do you bid over 3H: 3S, 4C, 4H, or X? The director allowed me to bid 3S and partner raise to 4S, making 5 for a push instead of -10 imps. Fair adjustment, I think, and so did everyone else at the table, but I was beginning to reconsider it. Does the knowledge of rho's strength really change the way I bid this hand that much? What do you think? I actually think 4H is the right bid, whatever 3H means. This hand is strong and distributional enough to force to 4S or 5C.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Washington NABC weekend 2

That was a fun weekend even if we won only 3 masterpoints in 6 sessions and I played the worst bridge I've played in years. I had my moody spells, mostly on the way there, I guess just being nervous about the whole thing. It's totally out of character for me to on a whim decide to go and spend a weekend with someone I had just met. I didn't even know Mila's last name until I found her on facebook the night before going back. We got to play against Bill Gates in our second session. I probably never would have even attempted to have a conversation with him (at least not any more than I would with some random bridge player), but Mila really took the initiative and talked with him for quite awhile. I was impressed. We then played in the National Open Swiss Saturday with Angela Collura and her dad. So, I guess we didn't actually expect to make the cut but after 1 session we were in good shape with 42 VP on 40 average. the evening session was really horrible for Mila and I. We managed only 7 more VPs, probably because we were both thinking too much about what we were going to do after the game. ;)

Anyway, I have no bridge hands to share yet, but they will come.