Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Play Bridge

1. Intellectually stimulating. Even if we have spent a whole day working hard, bridge is a totally different kind of thinking that is probably more fun than work.

2. An excuse to travel. Bridge tournaments are held all over and they move around from city to city so you can see a lot of the world just by going to tournaments.

3. Social outlet. There can easily be upwards of 50 people at a local bridge club, usually with a wide range of ages.

4. To stay busy. It sure beats watching TV all evening.

5. A way to relate to your kids/grandkids/grandparents. People of all ages can enjoy this game. At a time when the generation gap is as big as it is today, us young people need something we can do with our parents/grandparents and vice versa.

6. It’s a life-long game. You won’t get too old for it like you will with tennis or golf.

7. To be competitive. Bridge can be for little old ladies just killing time but it can be a very competitive game too.

8. For money. A very small portion of bridge players make money at it but for those that do, it can be quite rewarding.

9. For pride. There are generally not any monetary prizes in bridge but you win masterpoints, which you can accumulate and show off to friends.

10. To meet people. Don’t like the bar scene or the church gatherings, or the colleagues? Play bridge and meet people there.

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