Monday, May 17, 2010


Apparently there are still people who play on Bridge Base in individual tournaments who don’t think 1NT-P-2D is a transfer to hearts. Yesterday, I was playing in one of these silly games when I was dealer and the auction went:






We had a 9 card heart fit and they went down 5 for the ridiculous total of 2800. The 2H bidder had like a 12 count with 4144 shape. I guess I can understand not bidding after I double 2H, but not bidding after the redouble seems quite odd. Some of the craziness that happens with randoms on BBO. At least they kept us out of 4H.

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  1. 2H is supposed to be like Michaels - 5 spades and 5 of a minor.

    With a good 4=1=4=4, you can pass then double 2H (takeout) at your second turn.