Monday, December 13, 2010



I was declarer in 4h after lho opened 1D and led a low D to rho's J and my A. I immediately led a low club. Lho rose with the ace and shifted to the SK. So now there's no potential second spade loser and I dont need to ruff a diamond in dummy, but I still need to bring trumps in for one loser. What's the best way to do this?

After winning the SA, I led low toward dummy and lho played the jack. If that's a stiff, I need to take a double hook through rho. But even if it's QJx or QJ I can take a finesse and be okay as long as no spade ruff is available. When lho has Kx of spades and 3 hearts or rho with xx of spades and 3 hearts, they could then score a ruff to set the contract. I took the HK and let the ten ride. Lho won the Q, led a spade to partner and got a ruff. I still don't know what's right in this context but I still like my play.


  1. There is an old maxim: "You should never go down by playing trumps not to split well when the contract is cold if they do."

  2. Also, if LHO has QJ of hearts and KQxx of spades, you will go down on your line when LHO gets a spade ruff.

  3. Ducking the sK might have some value.

    Damn, its been so long since I played!