Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scrabble Fun at Lunch

If I ever leave this office, one of the few things I will miss is the Wednesday lunch-time scrabble game. There are typically 3 or 4 of us that play on any given week. This week, it was pushed back to today due to yesterday's celebration of someone else leaving the office. It's a lot easier to teach people scrabble than to teach bridge, especially in such a limited time, and the natural breaks you get in scrabble are more conducive to playing while eating, too.

Next to bridge, scrabble is surely my favorite game but I have still yet to go to any competitive scrabble clubs or tournaments. I've looked for them before but there aren't any in middle Georgia and Atlanta only has couple of scrabble clubs but they usually meet at times that are inconvenient to me. I expect I would be a favorite to win the bridge equivalent of flight C scrabble tournaments but not be competitive in flight A while in bridge I am competitive at all levels.

Today's game was fun. I scored 262 in a 4 player game - more than double anyone else's score - and the game only lasted 7 rounds thanks to 3 bingos: REUNITE, CHARGER, and RAISING.


  1. There's a bridge player in Washington state who is a U.S. champion in scrabble.

  2. Do you have an iPhone (or iPad)? I play Words with Friends, a scrabble type game with a couple other friends online. if you want to play, let me know. Games move at your selected pace.

  3. Cool.
    I do play words with friends on my phone.. Dredog03.

  4. Read "Word Freak" if you have not already.

  5. There's also a game, drawing it's inspiration from duplicate bridge, called duplicate scrabble. Basically everyone plays on their own board with the same letters for each round. Wikipedia has some info on it, but it's not very popular in America anyway