Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Penalty double with 4 points

Since I have some extra time tonight (because I'm directing the Wednesday night game in Macon), I'll post another interesting hand from yesterday.

Joel got to do something you don't see much - make a penalty double at the 2 level with 4 high card points. He held: Jxx, Jx, xxx, QTxxx. With both sides vulnerable in 3rd seat, the auction was: 1H-P-P-X; XX-2C-X-P; P-P. The double of 2C is unquestionably a penalty double. My XX announced a huge hand and what more could you want to double 2C. Granted, the opponents could have bid diamonds and perhaps escaped a double but I might have been able to double 2D. I'm not sure. I held AQxx, AKQxx, ATx, x.

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