Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bidding after your side has preempted

Generally, it is good to raise partner’s preempt when you have 3 card support or better, to extend the preempt and make it even more difficult for the opposition to find the right level and right strain. Therefore, when the auction proceeds with two passes after a preempt, it’s a good bet that preemptor’s partner does not have much heart support.


Another general rule of preempting is that once you preempt, you should not bid again (unless partner makes a forcing bid). From time to time we may preempt with a freak 6-5 hand and then we may be justified in bidding again.


Case #1: void, Q9xxxxx, AKxx, xx. 3H-3S-4H-4S. Matchpoints, favorable vulnerability. Do you trot out 5H here? I did, but I’m not sure I should despite needing very little from partner to make 5 (AKJ of hearts and a doubleton diamond or the Q makes it pretty much cold, as does both round aces). However, 4S was going down 1 while 4H also should be down 1 as well.


Case #2: JTxx, Txxx, xxx, Qx. None vul. 2S-P. I bid 4S but really this isn’t worth more than 3S. The shape is terrible and it’s too likely that 4S will go down for more than their game. As it turns out, 4S went down 3 but the other side was cold for 7 (C, D, or NT). -500 wasn’t a great score, though, because a few north-souths played 5 of a minor for 440.


Case #3: xx, Axxxx, KTx, Qxx. 2H-P. Both vul. This one is worth 4H. 11 card fit, plus some other values. The shape still isn’t great but this is definitely better than the previous hand. They missed a cold 4H.


Case #4: Kxx, KQJxxx, xxxx, void. 2H-P-P-2S. This is marginally freaky enough to warrant another bid. I doubt I would but it worked out well for this person to bid 3H over 2S.


Case 3 and 4 hands go together and put me in a tough spot with Ax, xx, QJxx, KJxxx behind the 2H opener. Double is clearly business, not responsive, 4C doesn’t seem right, 4H seems like a bit of an overbid, 3S is a possibility that may work out well. In retrospect I think 3S may be best, but I don’t know. I doubled, expecting partner to have 2 or 3 hearts and us to just have lots of values with no real fit.

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  1. Playing at the W-S club I picked up something like AQJxxx xx - Txxxx and in unusual form I preempted 2S-P-P-(3D);P-P-3S-P;P-(4D)-p-4S-float. I almost bid it over my partner's 3S and probably actually should have, but the woman sitting to my right explained to me that after you preempt you are not supposed to bid again. Little did I know! +420 [yeah best hand I've ever preempted NV]