Saturday, June 9, 2012

Duplicating Boards

In case anyone has been wondering what the fastest way to duplicate boards by hand is, I've done an extensive study, I've done an extensive study and have determined that it is fastest to sort cards into suits, then distribute them accordingly. Here are my findings, with times being for one person doing the work from a completely unsorted deck with cards still in boards to having all 4 hands arranged and placed back in the board.

Method 1: separate cards by suit, do not sort by rank, distribute according to hand record: 109 seconds
Method 2: separate cards by suit, sort each suit by rank, then distribute face down one by one: 118 seconds
Method 3: distribute cards according to hand record in whatever order the cards happen to come up, then sort and check each hand: 127 seconds (Only 94 seconds if you don't sort and check at the end, but that tends to lead to too many errors)

In other, more interesting news, the first Warner Robins youth bridge camp will be underway with 7 students next week. Not a great response but at least it's happening. Hopefully the t-shirts will get here before the end of next week.

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  1. I know you have high expectations, but I would have thought than seven kids in this area would be a great response.