Monday, July 9, 2012

DC regional

I am on the way back home from the Washington DC regional where Sean and I won 43 points or so in 14 sessions: placed overall in every event except the KO we entered with Mike Cappelletti and Loretta (lost by 2 in 2nd round).

Having the dog on the long trip was a delight, the house we rented 1 mile from the tournament was great (and cheap), the bridge was interesting, but the drive is too long.

Here is the most hilarious deal I've seen in awhile. I was west in 1st seat all vul. Our auction: P-2D-P-3NT-all pass. I hold A, KQTx, Jxxxx, xxx so I lead HK, dummy (north) has xxxx, Jxx, KQxxxx, void. Declarer cashes 7 clubs and on about the 5th one I realize I need to ditch the ace so I don't get endplayed easily. Shortly thereafter, p realizes this but has already pitched his low diamond, which would have been the diamond threat card in the dummy squeeze. Declarer's hand: QTxxx, A, void, AKQxxxx. Wows.

At Mikey's table, west opens a precision 1D, Mike finds a 1S overcall and Loretta with a 2 loser hand and Q fifth in partner's suit manages to bid 5S, which gets doubled. Trumps come in due 2 losers and we win 6. Crazy.

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  1. Congrats on a nice showing for you and Sean.

  2. crazy hand, congrats on the great week.
    Are you going to be in Philly this weekend? If so, hopefully we'll run into each other at some point.
    I'm playing flight B in the GNT's.