Friday, September 14, 2012

Failed Squeeze

Here's a hand from BBO a couple of nights ago when I was playing with Sean against Becca and Marianna.


Against 3NT after I showed a weak NT with no 4 card major and Sean showed 4 hearts, Mar led a standard ST and dummy's Q held. Assuming clubs aren't 5-0, I have 8 tricks for sure and I could easily enough get a 9th by playing for the DA onside. Or I could try for something good in hearts or try to endplay someone. I then ducked a diamond into Mar, sort of leaving my options open for the time being. She won with the ten and led the H9. At this point, I trusted the 9 to be an honest card and decided to play Marianna for KT9xx, 9x, AQT, xxx. That would give me a nice squeeze-endplay: I duck that heart, win the next one with the ace, and run clubs. When I exit with a diamond, she will have to win 2 diamonds and lead a spade into my AJ at trick 12 for my 9th trick. Unfortunately, her actual hand was KT9xx, 9x, ATx, Txx so Becca was able to win one of the diamonds. It would have been sexy if it worked.

The winning defense is for Becca to overtake the heart and lead another spade, not all that easy to find, but then I wouldn't have gone down 2.

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