Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 bridge recap

2012 ended on a crazy hot streak with amazing showings at the Charlotte sectional, D7 NAP finals, and Charleston regional. The 2 tournaments I played with Alli, Gatlinburg and Seaside, were also fantastic. I plan to repeat all those performances in 2013 (except Charlotte will likely be skipped, and instead of Charleston, it’ll be Myrtle Beach). In all, I went to 21 tournaments, played 121 sessions, and spent 50 nights in hotels for those tournaments.

Alli never got around to learning canapĂ© even though she said she would learn it and play it with me. Sean and I started playing a modified Fantunes system in November and results are better than ever. I don’t believe it’s a main cause of the good scores but think luck, more experience, and better concentration have played a much bigger role in that. I can’t deny that there definitely is a correlation between switching to the more natural system and achieving better results.

So where am I going in 2013? While I am not currently eager to play much bridge, I’m sure I will be and it’s about that time to plan out yearly vacation. I am determined to cut out some of the sectionals I have been going to, especially during football season, and hopefully I'll have as good an excuse for not playing bridge as I did in 2008 when I attended only 11 tournaments. My tentative calendar of bridge tournaments includes about 115 sessions, trips to all 3 NABCs, 8 regionals, and 8 sectionals (2 of the sectionals are local, 2 are for GNT/NAP, and 3 are Atlanta). The only new destination is Phoenix for the fall NABC. I plan to return to Santa Clara and Seaside, lovely places on the west coast that I enjoyed in 2012, for 3-4 days each, plus all the D7 regionals and the Washington DC regional for all of the July 4 week.

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