Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Not much bridge for awhile

The "Play lots of bridge" portion of my year has come to a close, with a very fun but not very successful Atlanta NABC. Cristal and I did make the second day, placing in one, of the three Open NABC events we entered. That in itself is something of an accomplishment, given that she had not placed overall in an Open NABC event before and our Swiss team wasn't very impressive. Prior to this NABC, Sean and I had a week in Richmond where we kind of sucked, a week in Greenville, where we played decently, and a week in Reston, VA, where we were excellent.

I know I marked at least 3 boards as blog-worthy and 2 as book-worthy so I hope I find them amongst the 20 scorecards I have.

The post-NABC letdown is here, as it is back to the desk job and struggle finding a social life in Macon/Warner Robins, with no trips longer than a weekend until probably the fall NABC, although a return trip to Seaside is still a possibility. I'm taking one class at Mercer this fall - another statistics class - starting next Monday, so hopefully that will be interesting.

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