Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You know you're playing a high level of bridge when you execute squeezes like they're routine and the opponent being squeezed concedes rather than agonizing over the discard. The latter happened twice last week. Then there was that one time an expert opponent erroneously tried to concede... no further details.

Anyway, Jonathan's pictures from the Dallas NABC are up so there's actually a photographic record that it happened.
I really do like that he does this. Many of us bridge players, myself included, get home and realize we didn't take enough pictures. I particularly like picture #80 of Cristal and me. Being an editor of the District 7 News, it is particularly nice nice to have easy access to the photos.

Over the 10.5 days, I ate probably 26 meals (lunch only on 4-5 days I worked out in the morning) including 13 free meals at the hotel and 7 Chipotle burritos.

Next up on my bridge calendar: maybe a Gainesville sectional this weekend, maybe some sectional next weekend, maybe Gatlinburg in 3 weeks, maybe some sectional in May or June, I'm not sure, but I'll consider reasonable suggestions/offers. All I know for sure is I have definite plans for the Columbia regional July 7-13 and tentative plans for the Vegas NABC July 17-27.

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