Monday, March 28, 2011

More IMP Pairs

So, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how I wanted to see more board-a-match games and less Swisses. Being one who claims to be more of a matchpoint player, I stand by that. However, I also believe we should have more imp pair games. The fact that tournaments typically do not have imp pair games is even more surprising than the lack of BAM because most of the bridge that is played online is in the form of imp pairs.
There are 3 NABC BAM events and 1 IMP Pairs Event so it is certainly a form of scoring the ACBL overall thinks is important – why don’t tournaments put these on the regular schedule? I know many people like team games for the camaraderie and also to share the blame for when they lose, and also for the ridiculous masterpoints awarded for team games as compared with pair games. But what I’ve heard more lately is that people like team games because they are different from the regular club matchpoint games. People like to play in a game that’s a different format than what they play at the local club. But then I see other people who say they don’t play on Sunday because all they have are team games and they can never find teammates who they get along with.
What’s the solution to this? IMP Pairs! It’s a different form of scoring and you don’t have to rely on teammates for anything.
I’m not sure if I like pair games better because I like matchpoints better or if it’s just because I don’t get good teammates. But I am optimistic about the teams Sean and I have for Gatlinburg (Greg Roberts and Boyce Robbins), the flight B GNT’s (Richard and Andrew Jeng), and hopefully the 0-5K mini-spingold (hopefully Alli Howard + partner).

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