Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5-5 Round

Round one of the Sunday Swiss was perhaps my favorite of the whole tournament. We were a bit unlucky to draw one of the top teams in the first round but did well with it.
On board 9 at favorable vulnerability, I picked up - Qxxxx AQJTxxx x. RHO opens 1 and I could trot out Michaels but I think the discrepancy in suit length and strength is big enough to bid diamonds first. I overcalled 2. LHO bid 4, passed back to me. I bid 4NT, ostensibly showing 2 places to play, although probably better diamonds than the second suit or I would have bid Michaels or Unusual 2NT earlier. Partner bids 5, I correct to 5, LHO competes to 5. I sac at 6, which gets passed out. I had already made up my mind to bid 7 over 6 with my defenseless hand. The defense didn’t take their club trick at trick one so it went away.
A couple of boards later, I picked up Ax QJ9xxx - AQTxx. This time Sean opens 1NT. There are so many options here and factoring in potential bidding misunderstandings, I’m not sure any of them are any better than just bidding 6, not even bothering to transfer. Our auction: 1NT-2; 2-3; 3-3; 4-5; 6-P. 3 set trumps, 3, 4 cues. 5 still seemed like exclusion to me. I didn’t want to exclusion over 3 because I wanted to let partner cue clubs. There might not be room after exclusion to check for the K. 6 was, I guess, something like “I’m confused but I’m pretty sure this is a decent spot and I don’t want to miss slam.” We had everything but the A and a few diamond honors.
On board 13, I had another 5-5 hand: ATxxx - Axx KQxxx. RHO opened 1 and this time I had no 2-suited bid available. With relatively equal suit quality, I overcalled 1. The opponents reached 4, down 1 at both tables for a push. Nothing exciting.
On the next board, I had yet another 5-5 hand: K9xxx x Kx KQT8x. This time, RHO opened 1 and I opted for a 2 overcall and got to play it there. This was also a push – I made 3 and our teammates, I think, were +100, maybe defending 2.


  1. Interesting hands. On the last one, it looks like you teammates were -100 if the board was a push.