Friday, May 13, 2011

It's sunny with a high of 75...

It's been awhile since I blogged but I actually have been busy and not with bridge. With my aunt visiting for a few days last week, I got motivated to work on the back yard and patio. It had been mostly neglected for a year and a half but looks good now.

And my new job looks way more interesting than the old one and the people seem to be more single guys who would be good drinking buddies. To the untrained person the old job (writing and testing high level software to detect and deter missiles) sounds more exciting than the new one (creating, reviewing, and testing the lowest level of circuits for the same system).

I'm off to Augusta for the flight b grand national teams. I think the Jengs, Sean, and I should be the favorites but I know of two other competent teams we will have to beat.

At my going away luncheon this afternoon, I made the former colleagues go to a Thai restaurant - some were uncomfortable with the selection of dishes but I do feel it is my duty to introduce people to "exotic" food. They made a top ten list of reasons I am leaving. They tried to make some connection/jokes about bridge but those attempts were kinda corny. The number one reason, apparently, is that I had taught my coworkers all they could learn about scrabble so I need new people to teach.
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