Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Won 3 events but overall it was a bad tournament

It's a fact that team games award about double the number of masterpoints as pair games. And among team games, bracketed knockouts award the most points. The exact numbers are that pair games pay about .43 masterpoints per person per session while team games pay .87 per person per session. A couple of weeks ago I did a little analysis of the masterpoints I won and found a huge disparity. I win significantly more in pair games than in team games: 3.46 per session in pair games but only 2.84 in Swiss and KO's. I certainly do consider myself better at matchpoints than imps but that much better? Eventually I decided to wait until getting back from Myrtle Beach to see if that would change things, as Sean and I would be in Knockouts all week supposedly with better teammates than we usually have. We played in 5 different knockouts (6 sessions) and won only one match. They were all fairly close matches and in the final match we lost by the handicap. While we didn't play any pair games, our only real success was in the board a match, where we won 10.6 points in 3 sessions of BAM. We finished with a win in the Sunday night BAM but the theme of terrible slam bidding continued.

Anyway, it seems that I got just barely enough masterpoints to keep 1st in the district in the 1000-2500 category with 533 total. That also was not quite enough to make me a Gold LM, so I guess I'll be passing that milestone at the Macon sectional next week.

It was a fun trip to Myrtle Beach despite having a terrible record in KOs. It felt like a bad week of bridge but we did win 3 events (2 BAMs and a compack KO) so I guess it wasn't all bad. I'll sort through my scorecards and find a good hand to write about when I get some time.

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  1. what is it about game that allows you to win more points at matchpoints??