Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Memphis NABC fun

I feel like I should update this blog because I have returned from another NABC but I'm really not sure what I want to say. Sean and I had 3 decent sessions (+15, +7, +21) and 1 really bad session in the imp pairs to not make the overalls but finish with a positive score.
Sunday was A/X Swiss with Josh and Alex, which started horribly. At the half, we had 37VP on a 60 average. We dominated the evening session, bringing our total to 142 and 3rd in X and 15th overall. The split 1NT (simultaneously 8-10 or 15-17) and split 2NT ranges (20-21 or both minors preemptive) worked well again. Maybe this should become part of our regular system rather than something we do when we want to take bridge a little less seriously. I did feel a bit bad when we beat our junior European friends with this. Oh well.
I didn't mark down any deals that are blog-worthy.
As usual, I returned home from the NABC after just 4 days, emotionally drained and exhausted, halfway wanting to go back for the second weekend and halfway looking forward to being somewhat anti-social again rather than the social butterfly that I tend to transform into during such events.
Sean seems to like using bridge terms to describe various other things in life and it has caught on to some of us less creative people. Sunday we had some big disagreements about how these metaphors should be used.

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