Monday, March 25, 2013

Saint Louis

So, St. Louis was as cold and miserable weather-wise as it was last time I was there, except for one day when it was sunny in the high 60’s. The quality of bridge pretty well mimicked that this time as well. We didn’t embarrass ourselves as we were close to qualifying in the NAP’s and after not qualifying in either that event or the Imp Pairs, we teamed with Meg and Chris to win a compact KO with relative ease. The semifinal match was kind of close but the other 3 matches were routs.

We had our chances in the imp pairs and probably were in decent position to qualify until Joe and Barbara came to our table half-way through the second session. Joel and I conspired to let Joe make a terrible 3NT contract. It would have been down 4 or 5 if I had made the obvious play of returning partner’s suit. He had preempted 3D with AQJxxx and his Q held trick 1. With 2 little both in dummy and my hand, he switched to something, then when I got in, I didn’t lead a diamond, thinking declarer had ducked with AKx and we had no future in the suit. We still could have beaten if by 1 but Joel sort of reasonably discarded the HK to try to get out of an endplay. I pitched another 25 imps on the next 4 boards and that was that. Except for those 5 boards, we were about average. 

Anyway, I was irritated that the Indian restaurants were not open on the weekend. I guess it’s my fault for not checking ahead of time and arranging my meals to include a lunch there during the week. I do highly recommend The Range, a cute burger joint with milk shakes and a huge beer selection. We celebrated Pi Day with pizza at Pi Pizzeria. The deal was the second pizza is $3.14 and we wound up taking over half of it back to the room. However, the pizza didn’t fit in the micro-fridge very well and after the maid came through the next day, half of our pizza was gone (the other half, which happened to be my half, was safely in the fridge). 

Meg, if you’re reading this, Joel says thanks!

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