Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So, it’s been awhile since I wrote on here. I promise it isn’t because I haven’t had anything interesting to write about – I’ve played quite a bit of bridge in the first 2 months of 2012, including parts of 2 regionals and the entirety of another regional but it has only amounted to 2.5 days of vacation. Things should settle down to normal sometime soon. There’s a big stack of score cards with hands jotted down and circles and squares and stars to help me find the blog-worthy or book-worthy deals. With a trip to Saint Louis for the NABC coming tomorrow, that stack will likely have to wait even longer.

What have I been doing? Working a lot. They’ve been encouraging us to work longer hours at work. I’ve obliged, plus I have spent a good bit of my free time learning about the D7 News and figuring out how I am going to do things different from (and how I’m going to do things the same as, and probably how I’m going to still need) Bob Heller now that I am in charge. The week of the Macon regional was really too much but it was all fun. While I had virtually nothing to do with the overall planning of the tournament, I had an incredibly busy week that included: 5 hours of work at my engineering job each week day, doing all the work for the daily bulletin, serving as caddy master, and playing 2 sessions of bridge every day (except the day we lost in the KO semis was only 1 session). And I must say, I performed very well on all fronts.

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  1. Your readers are getting a bit impatient. How about a St. Louis report?