Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My motivation has been really lacking in the last couple of weeks, in almost all aspects of life. I briefly entertained the idea of hosting a Christmas party last weekend but could motivate myself to do the work and invite people. I didn't put up a single Christmas decoration for the first time since I've been out of college. I have hardly posted to facebook or twitter since the Phoenix trip, and obviously haven't written much.  I guess it's a sign I've been satisfied. In other news, I figured out today that there are a few pieces of software the IT department lets us upgrade, so I was able to upgrade to IE 10 (from IE 7). That allows me to read bridgewinners.com, but they still won't let us use any other browser.

So, to help prepare for Myrtle Beach starting Thursday, here’s a fairly simple squeeze and endplay from the Christmas Party at the Macon bridge club last week. I was in 3NT as west. I’m having a hard time reconstructing the auction, but I think it started P-1-X-P; 1, so I had a good idea of where the missing honors were.

Dealer: N
Vul: NS


Anyway, north leads a 4th best spade to south’s Q. There are 7 sure tricks, and there is potential for another trick in all suits. At trick 2, I led a diamond to the ace and then the Q, seeing north shed the 2. In with the K, south cleared spades, giving me trick #8 in the process. I discarded a pair of clubs from dummy. Since the DT fell stiff, I would have a 9th trick in diamonds via finesse for the 9 but the suit is blocked (just switch the 8 and 7 and my troubles would be over). Regardless, it’s time to cash hearts. As expected, south discards on the third round so we know south’s distribution: 3-2-5-3. At trick 9, we cash the 4th heart and holding 954  AQ, she has no safe discard. If she discards a club, I play a low club off dummy and the K becomes the 9th trick. If she discards a diamond, I play J and a diamond to her 9 and she is endplayed to give dummy the K at trick 13.

Merry Christmas! And good luck if you’re going to a bridge tournament between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Sean and I will be trying to repeat as winners of the MABC New Year regional in Myrtle Beach.

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