Sunday, December 1, 2013

As the year comes to a close, I have two big tournaments left on my schedule – 3 days at the Phoenix NABC and a week at the Myrtle Beach regional. It seems like I’ve played a lot of bridge this year, but it's actually not much different from the past years, just was more concentrated in the summer. My total will be 132 sessions over 17 tournaments, 58 club games, with about 450 points so far, pretty much on par with the last couple of years. I have definitely cut back on sectionals, played fewer club games (mostly thanks to my local tennis league being moved from Saturday morning to Thursday night) and played in more high-level events while in the past I played at almost every reasonable opportunity.
2011: 142 sessions in 24 tournaments, 79 club games, 535 MP
2012: 121 sessions in 21 tournaments, 83 club games, 517 MP

This is the second straight year I’ve stayed in Georgia over Thanksgiving, the first time that has happened since high school. It was a much needed break, but I still filled the time with watching lots of football, studying system notes, and doing the final exam and project for my statistics class.
I’ll be playing with another new partner the last 3 days in Phoenix so hopefully that will go well. Come next Monday I’ll be needing another break because I’ve done this somewhat silly thing of taking a red eye flight back Sunday night. Unfortunately, there isn’t much down time until January. Look for some actual bridge articles next week.

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