Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reno recap and the impossible 2S bid

So much for getting caught up on sleep and playing midnight games with Dana, the two things I was looking forward to the most.

It was a very very frustrating time for several reasons, mostly surrounding the difficulties in getting along with dana and mila, our varying expectations and unclear communications, but it was very action-packed and I had many good times - just not the good times I was expecting. I remember when I used to be content just hanging out with my partner and/or parents for dinner and after the games and have only brief interaction with others during the bridge games. But it takes a lot more to satisfy me nowadays, which I tend to view as a good thing. I kind of want those days back instead of this sort of associating with lots of people but mostly being lonely.

I did play 2 midnight games and won them both and picked up another 7 or so points for the 64% session Mila and I had in the red ribbon pairs. The other 3 sessions of the Red Ribbons were pretty bad. In the next to last round of day 1 of the open Swiss with my dad, I picked up: Ax, T, KTxxxx, ATxx. Partner opens 1H and I start thinking "yay, i hope i get to use the impossible 2S bid here." Sure enough, he rebids 2D and I rebid 2S, showing basically a strong diamond raise.

What else could 2S be here? Anyway, it went all pass and partner came down with xx, KQJxx, Qxxx, Kx. They didn't lead a trump and I managed 6 tricks in the 2-2 fit for a push, against 3NT
down 2 at the other table.

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