Friday, March 5, 2010

This one had some real potential to be a good swing for us. Result was down 3 for -1600, but if I don't redouble and just play the 4-1 fit, -500 would have won a couple of imps against the Dana and Jon's 4H or 3NT. Of course, they can defend a trick or two better. And we're really in business if Sean pulls to 3S, down 2 if they get 2 diamond ruffs.


  1. -1600? Did you mean -1000? Sean has seen you bid before ... I'm surprised he didn't pull.

  2. no, it was 1600. down 4. i think they gave me a chance to hold to down 3. i suppose i could have had 9 virtually sure tricks and wanted to rub it in, but sure the redouble should more reasonably mean, "rescue me, i don't really have hearts"