Sunday, March 28, 2010

Worst Bid

I've been having trouble sleeping tonight, which is strange because I'm not really bothered by anything. It's been a good, relaxing day. Anyway, I've been looking back at a few more hands from Reno and found the worst bid of the weekend. The bids of forgetting partnership agreements don't qualify because they don't show poor bridge judgment. The winner: xx, Axx, Qx, KQJTxx.
Both vul, RHO deals and opens 1D, you bid 2C, LHO bids 2D, RHP bids 3NT. Then you double. A couple of minutes later, I'm scoring up +1150 as I had 11 top tricks. We only got 62 out of 64 matchpopints for that. Hmm.

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