Saturday, June 26, 2010

Canape System Win

This hand, from the Under 21 US junior trials today, shows a system win for canape. Granted, this hand is a bit lighter than I would open but the point is still there. After a 1H opening by north (John Marriott, in this case), east cannot bid NT like he would over a normal 1D opening so the choices are X and 2C, and I think he chose correctly. Then west, with 9 points and 4 card support, could make a limit raise, but given the wide range of the 2C bid and the insinuating double from south, I do not disagree with the simple raise.  Anyway, 3NT was reached fairly easily at the other table after a 14-16 1NT opening, and I think it would be equally reachable after 1D opening and 1NT overcall.

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