Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Score of the Day: 970

+970 for 2SX making 7. This actually happened tonight on these 2 hands:



The auction went: 1S-2H-P-P; 2S-P-P-X; P-P-P
West led the king of diamonds. I drew trumps, passed the heart 9, then played heart to the Q, heart A, pitching a club, diamond, covered, and won with the 7 falling from west.

In other news, playing Lebensohl and Minorwood, what is 4D in this sequence: P-2H-X-3D; P-4D?? Basically, is it invitational or Minorwood (roman key card blackwood for diamonds)? Those are pretty much the only two reasonable options. Even though 3D promises constructive values, I think there is a strong case that doubler actually just wants to invite game in diamonds. That's a hand that would probably come up more often than wanting to explore for a slam in diamonds, but 3H is available as a try for game. Advancer may still have good hearts and want to play 3NT and effectively 4D after 3H would be not accepting a game try. Maybe. I eventually agreed that 4D should be minorwood, clearly exploring for a slam. 3H would be the start of any game-try by doubler. On the actual hand tonight, I passed 4D with: xx, xxx, AQxxx, xxx. Partner had a 2 loser hand: AKQJxx, x, Kx, AKQx. Needless to say, 6S was the place to be.


  1. I think partner should bid 3S after your 3D (if I understand the auction correctly). If you show constructive values, and he bids a new suit, you can't pass. Why bid something ambiguous?

  2. Yes, I agree. I think that would be forcing. My partner thought at the time his hand was too good for 4S because I surely wouldn't bid on and I guess didn't think 3S was forcing enough.