Wednesday, June 16, 2010

District 7 GNT

While I was struggling through the Sunday Swiss at the Greenville sectional en route to a medicore 9th out of 42, the finals of flights A and C GNTs were going on in the same room. Jon Rice, Doug Dey, Lance Shull, and Audrey Ventura won flight A, no surprise to me. What is surprising is that their average was clearly less than half any other team in the flight A event except mine, yet their average age was still at least double the average age of the flight C winning team. In fact, the finals of the flight C event featured 8 players with a maximum age of 15, all from the Atlanta area. So congratulations to Richard and Andrew Jeng, Murphy Green, and Zandy Rizzo on demolishing the flight C competition.

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  1. The Atlanta Youth Organization is showing the fruits from the seeds they planted.