Saturday, July 10, 2010

As Long as He Needs Me

Things are right with the bridge world, at least in the sense that there's no drama surrounding me and my bridge partners or other potential partners in the other sense of the word. I mean, I still want a do-over for February 26 - March 26. I may have been as insane for that month than I was for the month right after it was officially over with Hillery, which is pretty hard to top. Actually, I want a do-over all the way back to the last weekend of January but I actually doubt I'd do anything differently until about day 2 in Reno. I knew all along that even going to the spring nationals in Reno was a bad idea, but I am stubborn and was insanely optimistic about how well mila and i would do and that I would get along well with her and dana and the other kids. It's too hard to turn down such a seemingly fun trip, though. I guess there was one good part of the trip - hanging out with Alli a lot at the bar, so I at least gained one new friend there. Eh. Why am I even thinking about that today? That's all water under the bridge. Why am I even awake at 3:30am?

So, I'm looking forward to 9 days in New Orleans sans drama, stalkers, sex issues, other similar things. I'm playing 3 days with my dad and 6 days with Sean. It'll be more like a real vacation than another bridge trip. I hope. Looking forward to briefly seeing dana and mila and bryan, and sleeping in every day and drinking a lot, and playing some fun bridge.

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