Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Party in Nola

Nola party is now going into day 5 and an entry in the Wernher Open Pairs with sean. The best result so far is 2nd in a side game Sunday night. yay. Side games are so incredibly much easier to win than the 0-5000 games. 65% with my dad was easy while we had scores of 53.00%, 45.65%, 51.21%, and 52.63% in the <5000 LM Pairs.

Perhaps the best part of the trip so far was the one primetime session (Sunday night) that I did not play bridge, but instead went to the pool and made the acquaintance of one Lindsay Pearlman. How I have managed to not meet her until now or completely fail to recognize her as a top US junior bridge player astonishes me. I felt kind of stupid talking as if she's someone clueless about bridge but in the end it was all cool. It was amusing and that's all there is to the story now. Perhaps there will be more to the story in the future. Of course, also amusing have been the aimless walks down Bourbon Street, late night drinks, commiserating with Raph, speaking in bridge code with Sean, and alerting our 2C opening that people keep trying to insist we said with dyslexia - yes, it is indeed 6C or 4C with a 5 card major, not 6C or 5C w/ 4 card major.

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