Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Orleans NABC: First weekend

My dad is a pretty good bridge player, within the confines of simple
bidding that is all familiar and opponents who are not experts. We
managed to be the next to last qualifier after the first day of the 5K
LM pairs and then were the first non-qualifier after the second day.

Had he and I sat in opposite sears last night, we likely would have
been close to 60% and qualified easily.

I misguessed diamonds early in the session in a close 4S contract.
Typical situation where you have KJx opposite xx and need to keep it
to one loser. I'm sure my dad abd most people in this game would have
led to the jack but I played to the K at trick 11. :(

The next round, I got rather upset that I had Q98x in my hand opposite
AJ6x with a combined 25 hcp and needed to hold this suit to one loser
to make my game. But lho had made an unpased takeout double and shown
up with a singleton spade. So, this was matchpoints so I decided it
was right to try to double hook clubs by starting with the Q. LHO had
a small singleton. :( damned takeout double with a 1-5-6-1 8 count.

But the reference to the opening line is from the 4 boards we played
against this pair playing canapé, which I wholly approve of. Anyway,
canapé didn't come up but suction came up twice in a row in our last
round of day 2 and my dad didn't figure out how to handle it. Well
actually, we still got to the right contract on one of them but I
guess the pressure of stress of not totally knowing the opponents'
bids was distracting in the play. 7.5 out of 76 matchpoints that round
dropped us from a sure Q to 1/70 of a board behind the last qualifier.

Anyway, fun weekend, and no bridge today, at least not any serious

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