Sunday, August 15, 2010


So, according to Dana, when an underage person scores a beer in bridge, it's an EABA, equally attractive beer alternative, and they can opt for a coke or juice or collect owed beers until of legal age.

I got my first defensive beer in a long time last night playing with Mili. My counterpart at the other table got an offensive beer on the same hand. We defended 2S down 3 while he declared 3S making 4. Here is the hand. Over last couple of weeks, I have collected 4 beers from her while she got one on me so if this EABA is ever going to have much effect, she'll have to do some catching up. :) Meanwhile, I am glad I didn't succumb to the pressure tonight to allow sean to score a defensive beer with dana as his partner. That would have meant me going down 5 instead of 4 and that just can't be had.

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