Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time to Leave New Orleans

10 days at a bridge tournament is a long time. 24 sessions over 9 days: 5 with dad, 16 with Sean, 1 with Angie, 1 with Emily Shen, and 1 with Cappelletti Jr. While it has all been fun, in the last couple of days, people have finally started to annoy me. I'm glad Bryan came and hung out a lot on Saturday. It's really been a big party for me, how it is supposed to be.

It's after 6am this time and I didn't even drink tonight, the last night here, yet I am wide awake. It'll be hard getting back to a normal life. I am ready for this to be over but I also now most looking forward to the Atlanta regional in 4 weeks for this-light. The last day at a tournament is never fun as the inevitability of going home and being bored again looms heavily. 

I'm disappointed about how we finished in the fast pairs. I apparently suck at estimating scores in national events. We had scores of 59%, 51%, 48%, and 45% while I estimated 60, 56, 64, and 38. Way off, especially on the second day. Apparently, the 5 zeroes that we got in the first 6 boards weren't nearly zeroes and we still had a decent shot to place reasonably high if I had played the rest of the session well, but I was certainly on tilt and not getting rewarded for it after the unlucky start. In the second day of the Wernher, my estimates were equally off as well. What does this mean, if anything?

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