Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kickback's Superiority to Standard RKC

Kickback RKC is clearly superior to standard RKC, at least when hearts are trump. When spades are trump, kickback doesn't exist and when a minor suit is trumps, minor wood (4 of the minor) is better because you don't want to get confused with thinking 4H is to play or be confused about which suit is trump. But when hearts is trump, and you couldn't possibly want to play 4S, using 4S as RKC and 4NT as a spade cuebid is clearly better. You lose nothing by switching these 2 bids and gain the ability to ask for the Q when the keycard responder has a 2nd step (normal 5D) response. Here is an example. Playing kickback, puffy would have bid 4S as keycard and 5C would have been my 0 or 3 response. Then he could still ask about the Q and be able to stop in 5.

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  1. how much time would one have to spend talking about these situations and would you need to review it weekly in order to be sure your partner who has played with others since the last game with you, has not forgotten? and how many misunderstanding out of ten hands would be acceptable in order to make it worthwhile as opposed to more simple patterns.