Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bridge Dreams

I was in charge of a bridge game at a country club and was expecting about 10 tables. However, people just kept coming and coming. By the 1pm game time, we had added a couple of tables outside in the pool area and started the game with 16 tables in play. By 1:10, that number had grown to 22.  But people kept coming in and we kept adding more tables all around the pool. I wound up starting a new game at 1:25 with another 18 table section, in addition to the 22 tables that were in the first section. And people were still walking in and wanting to play. At this point, if we were going to add more tables, they would have to be floating tables.

A couple of pairs did fall into the water and needed to be replaced. Fortunately, many of the really late arrivers stuck around in hopes of getting in the game.

If only a bridge club game (in a place other than south Florida, filled with tons of retirees) could actually garner that much participation...

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