Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini-Spingold (under 5000)

I must say I am impressed with the competition in the mini-Spingold so far. It's clearly a tougher field than I thought it would be. The Whipple team, the heavy favorites to win, just squeaked through day 1 and lost in day 2. Our team, who I had high expectations for, narrowly lost in day 2 as well. The Lewis team including David Sokolow beat us by 17 and beat the lavee team (including a world champion and some other low-level pros) by 73 today. We had an incredibly fun match against them. Needless to say I am rooting for them to make it to the finals.

The other team I hope makes it to the finals is the Dezieck team (including my 4 new favorite bridge people Shaz Taslimi, Nicholas Smith, Alex Dezieck, and Josh Parks). They surprised a lot of people making it to the quarterfinals free beating the team that clobbered Alli Howard and Scott Stearns yesterday.

The results from the mini Spingold and all of NABC can be found at

I guess I'm playing the nabc fast pairs tomorrow and Friday. Sean and I will be doing something we've never done together before - play 2/1.

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