Monday, July 25, 2011


Crepes are awesome. I wish more places in the US served them. I think I might wind up going to the crepe cafe more then chipotle while here in toronto.

I'm feeling weird for a few reasons but Toronto has been super nice. We didn't make the first cut of the open life master pairs so entered a KO with Cristal and Max and lost in the final in extra innings.

Here was the most awesome hand. You have K65432, -, A, AKT9xx. Partner opens 2C showing 11-16 with 4+ clubs, possibly with a longer major. I couldn't figure out how to exclusion in hearts but when I asked for more information, p bid 2H showing 5hearts and 4+ clubs: big surprise. At that point I bid minorwood and signed off in 6C when p showed 1. It was frigid. At the other table, they opened 1H and my hand bid 1S which was raised. At his point the opp in my seat jumped to 6S. Thankfully QT9x was offside so out gtesmmates got 2 trump tricks for win 14.
Tomorrow starts the spingold and we actually have high hopes. I'm sleepy.
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  1. Keep the reports coming. You didn't mention that you lost to your Dad in the finals of a midnight KO!

  2. Wow, thought you were playing in the actual Spingold for a second. I did see that the District 7 Flight B team is playing in the big-boy Spingold. Lots of luck to them, and to you.

  3. Why would I mention that?!
    Yeah. I guess they wanted to get slaughtered by the defending champs.
    We did play against a guy named Smolen in our first round of the under 5000's - the brother of the famous one.