Monday, January 4, 2010


No, that's not a clever way of saying we're going straight ahead, that's a score Adam Kaplan and I achieved yesterday immediately following the previously mentioned slam.

North dealer, EW vul.

s 7

h A Q J 8 5

d 9 8 2

c K J 6 2
s A 8s Q 9 6 4 3
h 10 9 6 4h 7
d J 10 5d K 7 6 3
c 10 7 4 3c A Q 8


s K J 10 5 2

h K 3 2

d A Q 4

c 9 5

The auction went 1H-1S-P-P; X-all pass. I realize I took quite a position to leave 1SX in but I figured that if we can make 4H, we'll probably beat this 2 tricks for 500. I still don't know how to defend this hand. I was thinking about it during the whole 7 hour drive home Sunday night. I started with a heart and partner continues hearts. I guess the tapping game is the safe simple thing to do but I decided that she would win too many of her low trumps if we kept playing hearts so I got in with the Q of diamonds and led a club and when I got in with the A of diamonds I led another club. And in the end game, I knew I would hold her to making 1 (which would still be a zero) and decided to try to beat it but instead gave them an overtrick. It was a simple matter of whether my 5 of spades was higher than declarer's lowest spade left but she had the 6 like I thought, but sometimes I don't remember all the low spots. Anyway, declarer can always get 2 clubs, 2 heart ruffs, a diamond, and the ace of spades. How do we prevent her from scoring another trick?

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  1. What happens on a sJ lead? I couldn't work it out, but seems like a trump lead might give you more chances.