Sunday, January 3, 2010

Psyche Success

A true psyche is very rare for me and it really isn’t something I think about or look for. But Friday afternoon at the Myrtle Beach tournament I impulsively tried one out. About 2/3 of the way through an average game, at favorable vulnerability I picked up: 52, J9542, 7643, T2.

Partner dealt and opened 1H, pass on my right, and I tried 1S. LHO came in with 2C and, fortunately, partner didn’t raise spades or make a support double but bid 2NT. I corrected to 3H and he bid 4H. We went down 1 for an average-plus. The opponents, with their 9 card spade fit and 22 combined hcp, were cold for 4S. And there was not a single comment about the bidding, even after the hand. LHO had a fairly normal takeout double of hearts (she was 4-1-3-5 with 15 hcp) so the 1S response worked well here. I suppose some people were able to but it for 3H after a 1H-3H preemptive auction so we only got about 70% of the MP.

Interesting stat: out of 132 hands I played with my dad at the Myrtle Beach tournament, I declared 54 of them for 58.2% compared to just 23 for 38.4% for my dad. The numbers based on who was on opening lead were pretty even and a tad above average.

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  1. At Batesburg we played 54 hands in two pairs games. Megan declared 10 of them and I declared 8, which left us on defense in a full two-thirds of the hands. In the second game one of the EW pairs (we were NS) was complaining about not getting any cards, and I was wondering if we were on the same planet.

    We had a 62% and a 59%.