Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Post on Slam Bidding



How do you confidently bid to 5H after the auction starts 1C-1S-2H-2S? Mainly, how does south find out if north has 2nd round club control? Is 4S here exclusion? If so, is it that right bid to make. I bid it with a first time partner, then asked about kings, we were on the same wavelength. I didn't learn anything useful after the 0 or 3 response and bid the slam anyway. Would you bid 2H with the north hand or make a negative double?


  1. I would have made a negative double with the North hand, but I think it is very close. I think it is impossible to find out what you need to know without playing some special type of asking bid. You found out that partner didn't have the A or K of clubs, and that is about the best you can do. Since you bid the slam anyway, I guess you assumed that pard had to have club shortness (not a great asset opposite your opening club bid)to have the values for 2H. Or ... you were frustrated. :)

  2. Whoops ... it just occurred to me that if you asked for kings you had already committed the hand to slam. (That is assuming that 5S asked for kings.)

  3. I would have made a negative double as well. And this was actually in the last round of a 67% game yesterday morning so I was certainly not frustrated. I did get frustrated on the following hand, though, a -360.

  4. I would cue 3S and hear 4C from adam to start and if you do not hear a club cue (not playing shortness cues) then I assume you were playing kickback and still have 4NT as exclusion for spades after anything adam bids. I think that gives you more information on the hand.

  5. 2H a problem when pd has 3145 and a min. I guess that makes the case for the negative x, though I would be tempted to bid 2H this hand.

    I think 3s over 2H would be my bid. If pd bids 3nt, you can try with a 4D, otherwise hope pd bids 4C.