Monday, February 22, 2010

Anderson sectional

So, after a late night being a bad wingman in Atlanta, Ramesh and I
left at 7:30 to play in the Anderson, SC sectional on 4 hours of
sleep. Round one of the KO goes okay and we were fortunate to draw
owen/Warren again in the 2nd round (we played them in a 3 way the 1st
session). Disastrous.
A few more beers later, ramesh and i put together a nice 61.46% game.
It was the biggest jump i've seen in the last round - from about 56 to
over 61%, and our last round was only 16 out of 24 matchpoints.
Sunday, the good bridge continued as Ramesh (godot79) and I and Jim
Gentry and his partner came from behind to win the Swiss. Our system
worked well for us this day and slipping defenseive tricks was kept to
a minimum. One thing I like about our system is that it sort of makes
us, my partners especially, be disciplined. Our 1NT is 13-15 so
basically you have to pass all flat 11 and 12 points hands. And due to
the canape style, it at least seems harder to cheat a little on your
point count or distribution.
My favorite hand was when we got to double the opponents in 1S. I
opened a big club with AQT8x, Ax, Qxx, AJx. LHO stuck in a 1S bid and
partner doubled, showing any 5-7 hcp. All pass and she scraped up 4
tricks for 500 to us. At the other table, my hand played 4SX, also
down 3 for 500.


  1. Congratulations!

    It was 70 degrees on Sunday, so I was pretty happy being outside, but I'm a little jealous now that I found out about the Swiss win.

    Did the Lien/Roberts/Heller/Heller/(I forget the other two ridiculously good players) team win the KO after crushing us in the semifinals?

  2. We got to spend plenty of time outside Sunday as well, finishing most of the rounds with about 15 left on the clock.

    No, they lost in the final.