Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stay out of Slam

En route to 3/4th place finish in the Hilton Head Friday open pairs,
Emory and I had a few defensive snafus and some fortunate bidding. I
held: KQJxx, Tx, x, KQxxx. Our auction: 2C-2S-3D-4C-4S-5C-5S-P.
Nothing alertable. At first I thought this was a bad sequence, but in
reality it's the best auction we could have. I think I would have bid
5D over 5C but that may be too encouraging. Emory's hand: Ax, QJ,
AKQJx, AJxx. Would you have been able to stay out of slam?

A good precision auction: 1C-1H*-2D**-3C-3S-4C-4D-4S-P
* game-forcing w/ 5+ spades
** denies 3 spades

1 comment:

  1. I liked this auction. I thought my 5S bid screamed: "I don't have second round heart control. Do you?" Fortunately, LHO was deaf and led a diamond. Making seven. I talked to one other pair who sat the same direction as us on this hand. They bid 6C and also made seven!