Thursday, September 2, 2010

At What Point Is Bridge No Longer Fun?

I take pride in the fact that I don't take this game too seriously - serious enough to be picky about who I play with and to be competitive at all levels but not serious enough that I lose any sleep over anything bridge-related or let it interfere with the game being fun. I take pride in the fact that I play with good people - not always the best available partners or teammates but people I enjoy being around and other people who have a good balance between bridge as a competitive game but also a leisurely activity.

As the excitement for the world championships in Philadelphia next month builds up, I see many of the juniors on the USA teams playing online and I kind of wish I was on one of the teams and I kind of regret not making any effort to be on one of the teams. I'm sure I'm as good as many if not most of the 12 USA juniors that will be representing in Philly. But then I remember that my only established partnership with another junior is with Sean and I'm certainly not encouraging missing a week or more of classes in the first semester, and that's still a relatively new partnership, and it is Philadelphia, not nearly one of the best places to get a paid trip to. Then I also remember how much less fun bridge is when played so seriously. Only 2 times before have I played at a tournament for more than 3.5 days in a row - 8 days the nationals this past summer and 6 days at the FISU tournament 2 years ago - and by the last day or two, bridge wasn't fun anymore, and the quality of my play was significantly worse than the first couple of days. If I get used to playing in long tournaments, then maybe the small tournaments will stop being enjoyable.

So, I'm thinking about going to Philly, maybe for a 3 day weekend either the first or 3rd weekend of October but my priorities are in line - Saturday October 9 is Georgia Tech homecoming, and some much needed time with the former classmates. Anyone want to go with me to Philly the first weekend? It looks like the Mixed Pairs is Saturday to Monday October 2-4. That would fit my schedule perfectly. I just don't exactly have a regular female partner. I guess Alli and Mili and Shaz are kind of close to being regular partners but not like Sean or Emory.
Anyway, I'm off to the Atlanta regional tomorrow afternoon for 3.5 days of bridge with Bryan.


  1. I am maybe going to be in Austin on October 2 and 3, if my knee and the rest of my body are healthy enough to play ultimate. I wonder if you could convince Megan to come down on the train.

  2. Cool. Your knee might not be healthy enough? What?

  3. Yeah, sorry, that's a no-go on Austin. Maybe we'll see you in Philadelphia, although we won't be playing in the big-time events.