Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miniroman 1D

If you ever play precision, please don't do it the way one pair at the
local club plays. Basically, here is their opening bid structure:
1C any 16+
1D 11-15 w singleton diamond or 15 bal
1H/1S/2C/2D 11-15 5+ card suit
1NT 11-14

While I'm actually not a fan of precision, I do believe the best way
to play it is:
1C any 16+
1D 11-15 4+
1H/1S 11-15 5+
1NT good 12-15 (including most 5422's w/o 5M
2C 6C
2D 11-15 3 suited w short diamonds (including 3415's w/o 5M)

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  1. well, they don't call it that, and can't describe it any more than "11-15, may or may not be diamonds" but by the process of elimination and playing against them for a couple of years, I'm 100% sure that that is what they are playing.

  2. You know, its not the worst bid in the world. 1D seems to promise a 4 cd major or a strong NT. chances are you will almost always get a bid to clarify your hand.

  3. not a strong NT. a 15 hcp 1NT. 14 opens 1NT and 16 opens 1C