Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Double Dummy Solver

Bridgecaptain.com has a slightly cool feature in its free downloadable program that calculates the par result on any hand. Well, I guess there are actually several programs that do that nowadays but this one allows you to input your bbo hands with the click of a few buttons. Then it calculates your imp score against par. Now, it is a bit unreasonable to expect par to be an average score on all the boards, particularly when the par result is something absurd like bidding 7NT that happens to make on 2 3-3 splits and a finesse or something like that.

So, yesterday I played 58 hands, mostly with Sean and wound up the day about -2 imps, but when imped against par, I was +81 imps. Does that mean the BBO field last night was incredibly unbalanced? We all know the BBO field is not very strong but this is a ridiculous difference. And over the past week, in 154 BBO hands, almost all with Sean and Mili as my partner, I have been -80 imps (not a great week of bridge for me) but when imped versus par, it is +86 imps. Wow.

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