Friday, September 24, 2010

Wingman Day Poker

I don't play much poker. Bridge and scrabble are my games. But today was the annual wingman day at work, not too unlike a middle school field day. So it was mostly a time for us engineers to be 13 again for a day. But one event - poker - didn't really for in with the rest: volleyball, tug of war, kickball, basketball, board games, and a dunking tank.

Since I am well known around here as an bridge expert, even by the people who are clueless about the game, they expected me to dominate at poker. This is the fourth year I've been here for this and I have yet to be much above the middle of the pack. Anyway, there were 56 players and I disappointingly went out in 43rd. I had a few small gains and hadn't really lost any chips until this hand which was my last.

I got AT of hearts. The flop was QT4, all different suits. With a 50 big blind, it's 3 checks to me and I raise 150 in the flop with middle pair and top kicker. 2 people call. The turn is a ten, someone in front of me raises 300, called by me and another. The river is another Q and lady in front of me (not the person who raised previously) goes all in, about 1500 in chips, which I called with about the same amount left. And as you might guess now my tens full of queens lost to her queens full of tens.

Perhaps it is time to start hosting a poker game at my house. Maybe it'll help me actually start having a social life in Warner Robins again rather than having my friends (at least my friends who are close to my age) in Atlanta, Winston Salem, Hong Kong, Wisconsin, Seattle, NYC, and Pittsburgh, among other places.

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  1. poker is mostly luck so dont expect it to be highly correlated with duplicate bridge, but it would be somewhat correlated.