Sunday, April 25, 2010

1m-1M-2M on 3 card Support?

I'm spending the day in Atlanta and enjoying a GT baseball game and thinking about some bidding sequences that have caused some problems in the last couple of days.

How do you feel about rebidding NT with a singleton (even in partner's suit) or raising a major suit response or opening 1D with 4 diamonds and 5 clubs playing a standard system? I actually feel pretty strongly about not rebidding 1NT with a singleton. After 1m-1M-1NT, I like responder to be able to comptete to 2M with a 5 card suit, knowing opener has 2 or 3. And rebidding NT is really just a NT opening that doesn't fit in with you other NT opening ranges so the distribution rules should still apply.

Therefore, 1-3-4-5 hands cause a problem. Whether to open 1D or 1C depends on whether the diamonds are good. With good diamonds, I strongly favor opening 1D. You can get both suits in (albeit with possible distortion of minor suit length, but it normally isn't a problem) if partner responds 1S and raise 1H to 2H especially in matchpoints. This also means responder needs a way to find out about whether opener has 3 or 4 card support. I recommend 2NT as some sort of ask about support and min/max.

The deal that started this disagreement is below:


Giorgia and I had the auction 1D-1H-2H-4H-P, clearly a very bad contract. But switch her major suits around and she would surely bid the same way and it would be a great moysian game. Neither of us were really wrong - more like a philosophical difference that a regular partnership should have some agreement about. And we are not a regular partnership. Yet.

Off to Chipotle again and then bridge at the Atl club with Sean.
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