Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bidding after opener's jumpshift

I've been told that reading about failed slam bidding is not exciting to read about, but today I have many examples of that to write about, mostly from the club GNT qualifier I played in today. Pushed the opponents into a slam they weren't going to bid, bid 4 slams that went down, and stopped in game on 2 more cold slams. But I won't write about that, at least not now.

Here's a bidding theory question that came up a couple of days ago while I was kibitzing, that sort of goes along with a quiz I posted a week or two ago. the auction is uncontested: 1H-1S-3D-3H. first, the 3H could be a temporizing bid or it could be a limit raise, right? Opener bids 3S next. If responder then bids 4NT, is that RKC for spades or hearts? If he cue bids 4C and then 4D, is 4NT then RKC for hearts or spades? I think it is for hearts. Unless you're playing 6 key card blackwood in this instance, counting both major kings as key cards. Making a forward going bid over 3S confirms that the 3H bid was not just a preference or temporizing bid but real support because he could bid 3S or 4m to show a slammish hand without 3 card heart support.

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