Monday, April 19, 2010

Kickback in Gatlinburg

Amidst the breaks in rehearsal for The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and to keep me awake, let me tell you about my most fun hand from the Gatlinburg tournament.

I was playing with MiniMeck with Barbara Heller as my LHO and white  vs. red, I picked up: T, Txxx, AJTx, AJxx. It's 2H-X to me. Obviously, I bid 4S, which is by agreement RKC Blackwood for hearts. Barbara doubles, Matt redoubles, showing 0 or 3 keycards, pass and I bid 5H. Hey, 6H could make opposite this if Matt happens to have AK and a minor suit K and a minor suit singleton, which is barely possible. Anyway Barbara opted for 6C with her Axxxx, A, x, QT9xxx, which was off 2.

Gatlinburg was, as it usually is for me, short and sweet. I'm sure I had some article-worthy hands from the KO and BAM Saturday, on another day. MiniMeck, Arjun, and Ricoh managed a satisfying 8th in A/X in the Sunday Swiss.

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