Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who to Blame?

I guess I don't so much like to write about the good bids or plays that I make. They all seem so routine. So, here's a hand from a couple of days ago that my partner and I really screwed up. I held: Txx, Qxxx, xx, KJxx and partner held: Jxx, xxx, AKQTxx, A. Partner was dealer and the auction went: 1D-P-1H-1S; X-P-1NT-P; 2NT-P-P-P. Down 4 when they took the first 9 tricks in hearts and spades.

Who is to blame more for this disaster? 2D or 3D obviously shouldn't make either but down only 1 would be a decent score. All is normal until my rebid after the support double. What would you rebid with this? 1NT seemed at the time to be the least of evils. So, which bid is worse? 1NT or 2NT?


  1. Maybe blame Meckwell? I like support doubles, but this looks like a systemic issue with them. Sometimes responder doesn't have a good rebid.

    If 1NT promised a spade stopper, then it's probably to blame. 2NT is a little uninformative but it's reasonable. If you have even a decent minimum like Kxx, Axxx, xx, xxxx then 3NT is a favorite to make on a spade lead.

    What's wrong with a 2C rebid? On this hand partner can rebid 2D and you can pass. Of course, if you'd had one fewer club and one more diamond then I have no idea what the right bid is. Maybe 2D?

  2. Some how, I was thinking 2C would be a more forward-going bid but I guess it isn't really. Regardless, 2H is a better bid than 1NT. I think partner should rebid diamonds anyway. But, of course, NT is a perfectly good spot when I have the not too unlikely hand: KQxx, Qxxx, xx, xxx.